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My name is Bill Rose, my family and I are long time residents to Citrus County, I pride myself on being a reliable, dependable individual that you can count on to do what is promised. My business might be recently established but my work ethic is not. If you are in need of stump removal services, please give me the opportunity to fulfill that need, I pride myself on a job well done and ensuring that you are satisfied with my services. 

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Professional, Courteous & Reliable


I am driven to provide services to my clients at the highest level of professionalism and when I make an appointment, I keep it and if I cannot, I will contact you to reschedule at your convenience. Citrus Stump Removal is Licensed and Insured.

Turf Friendly Equipment


My equipment is turf friendly. I use the Toro STX-38 which can access anywhere on your property and remove unwanted tree stumps and organic growth without damaging your yard. 

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed


More than your average Stump Grinding Service. It's not only tree stumps, I can remove Palmettos and unwanted shrubs also. Give me a call for a free quote.

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Discounts to Americas Veterans and First Responders

Thank you for your service and sacrifice you have shown for this country, I offer all our Veterans and First Responders with a 20% discount on the services I provide.

Measuring your stump

To give yourself an approximate estimate

Measure the stump at it's widest diameter at ground level, including surface roots. Roots that extend far beyond the stump can be removed as well at an additional cost. 

Removing surface roots that extend beyond the stump, sometimes up to 12' away and are estimated on a running foot charge, typically $0.50 per linear foot based on size.

I always offer free estimates to prospective clients, if you have any questions or are unsure about the exact size of the stump, please contact me.


Citrus Stump Removal Open & Upfront Pricing

Reasons for removing dead stumps


They attract insects.

When you leave tree stumps in your lawn, the stump attracts beetles, termites, ants and other wood boring insects, they can eventually spread to your home.

They are a pain to maneuver around.

Remaining tree stumps become a nuisance, an obstacle you consistently have to mow and trim around all year and can cause damage to your mower blade or deck if you're not cautious. 

They hurt curb appeal.

The sight of an old tree stump is definitely not appealing. If you're meticulous about your yard and landscaping, removing the stump is well worth it. If you are selling your home, remove the old tree stump for added visual appeal.

They are a safety hazzard.

Old tree stumps can pose a hazard to children playing in the area and could even result in financial liabilities if an injury is sustained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How deep do you grind?

    A. Typically 6" is standard, for an additional charge, a deeper grind [up to 18"] can be performed to allow for replanting.

Q. How soon can the work be performed?

     A. Typically the work can be performed within 7 working days, often times much sooner.

Q. Will your equipment damage my lawn?

    A. No, my equipment is turf friendly, I use the Toro STX-38 which has a minimal pressure foot print. In case of wet or soft turf conditions I will look over the site and offer alternative suggestions.

Q. What can I do with the mulch that is created from grinding?

     A. You can utilize the much the same as any store bought brand, using it in landscaping and in other areas.

Q. Will the tree grow back once the stump is ground up?

    A. No, the remaining stump and roots will decay.

Q. What about underground utilities?

    A. If there is any doubt as to the location of underground utilities, I recommend that you call 811 and you can request these be marked out so as not to damage them, this service is provided free of charge. Please note that this service does not include locating private lines, such as irrigation, outdoor lighting, etc.

Q. What about limited access or fenced yards?

    A. Not a problem the Toro STX can fit through openings as small as 36".

Q. A storm has uprooted the entire tree, how do I measure this?

    A. You should call me for a free estimate, determining this cost is affected by other factors, remember estimates are free.



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